My Mission

A digital footprint of my mind – that's what this webpage should be. I'm deeply fascinated by strategy, technology, branding, and innovation. 

A powerful story inspires, feels authentic and creates devotion. The most profound stories companies can create are a blend of business model innovation, a competitive strategy, technology, and a compelling brand. A vision that inspires is the beginning of every story. Apple stands for "think different", General Electric for "Imagination at Work", and Amazon for "the Earth's most customer centric company". Eventually, strategy guides towards that vision, while brand and technology breathe life into that vision. A business model enables the system to work. Thereby, a powerful story is a holistic system of a company’s vision, guided by a coherent strategy, which is driven by its brand experience and technology. Successful companies tell compelling stories.

Creating stories is where my talent and passion took me. To create new business models, a coherent, competitive strategy, to touch customers with this one brief experience of a dynamic and distinct brand, fueled by delightful yet powerful technology – that's what I love and aspire to do. Eventually, the system is in harmony. This means that I approach issues holistically and analytically and conceptualize them with creative and integrative thinking. Thus, the blend of strategy, technology, branding and innovation looms large in everything I do and I'm on a continuous quest to find and tell better stories.

Enjoy the content and do not hesitate to contact me anytime. I'm always curious about new opportunities, ideas, or insights.